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L.J. Hachmeister

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After winning the WEKAF world championship in double-stick fighting, Amazon Bestselling Author and Editor, and World Champion Martial Artist, LJ Hachmeister wrote her first science fiction/fantasy series, Triorion, which includes the tetragy Awakening, Abomination, and Reborn, Parts I and II, featuring what one reviewer characterized as featuring, “intergalactic battles, strong female protagonists, and demonic forces bent on breaking out hell.”

As she trains Eskrima and pursues her third black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, LJ continues to write, adding several more titles in her expanding universe: Her YA novel, Shadowless, the military science fiction novel, Blue Sky Tomorrows: A Novel in the Triorion Universe, and her science fiction/romance novel, The Laws of Attraction. LJ’s short stories have also been featured in several anthologies, including “Dragon Writers,” “Crash Philosophy,” and “Unlocking the Magic.” LJ has also edited, produced, and contributed a short story to the Amazon bestselling anthology, “Parallel Worlds: The Heroes Within”. All books will be available for purchase and autograph at LJ’s table in Author Alley. LJ enjoys the con scene, touring with bookstores and speaking on panels about everything from writing to martial arts, and LGBTQ issues.