Oct 30, 2019

We’ve worked hard to help you have the best experience possible at the convention. Here’s a few of the most important ones to check out first.

  • You will find the Entry Map at the end of this blog, which will tell you where to go when you arrive onsite.
  • Review the Reno Pop Culture Con Policies HERE.

We repeat: we do NOT have at the door sales. You need to purchase your tickets before arriving. You can do this online from our website and your digital ticket will be emailed to you with a QR code. Bring this code with you, either on a device (like a phone) or printed out.

 Questions? Email us at We are happy to help!


The Will Call booth will be setup at the Attendee Entrance on the map below.

Note that you MUST go through the entry line and bag/prop check process at the Attendee Entrance (as described in the “Getting In, Step-by-Step” section below) before you will be able to access the Will Call booth.

Once you have proceeded through the entry line and through the bag/prop check area, you will see a clearly marked Will Call booth.


1) Find Onsite Reno Pop Culture Con Volunteers and Staff – They Are There to Help:
When you first arrive at the convention center, look for Reno Pop Culture Con volunteers who will be standing in multiple places around the convention center.

They will be wearing brightly colored t-shirts with “Volunteer” printed across the back. These volunteers are specially trained to help assist you and answer questions about getting into the Convention Center.

2) Have your QR code ready for scan:

Please bring your QR code with you, either on a device (like a phone) or printed out. If you have any problems accessing your code, contact us at

3) Go to the Attendee Entrance:
You’ll see on the map that there is only one Attendee Entrance at the front of the Convention Center. Map below.

4) Get into the Correct Entry Line:
There will be two lines to choose from at each Attendee Entrance.

If you are a Premium Pass holder, or have an ADA wrist band, then enter the Premium Pass/ADA Line. This line will naturally be FAR shorter than the other line, so you may have to ask a volunteer to help escort you to where the back of this line is.

If you are a standard badge holder, then enter the standard badge holder line. Please avoid making assumptions, taking guesses, or asking other attendees where the end of this line is. If it is unclear, in any way, where the end of this line is when you arrive, ask a volunteer to show you specifically where to go.

5) Pass Through the Bag/Prop Check Areas:
As you progress through the line you entered, you will eventually reach the bag/prop check area. At this point security representatives will inspect your bag(s) and any prop(s) you may have brought.

If, for any reason, security decides that any item(s) in your bag(s) or prop(s) are in violation of the Reno Pop Culture Con Policies (found HERE), you will not be permitted to proceed past this point. If this happens, you will have two options:

  1. Discard the offending item(s) in the provided trash receptacles, which will allow you to proceed, or;
  2. Leave the line, return without the offending item(s), and re-enter at back of the line.

This policy/procedure will be strictly enforced and there will be no exceptions. 

If you have any doubts about an item you’re bringing in, please leave it at home or in your vehicle/hotel room. These measures are in the interest of safety.

6) Exchange Your Digital Tickets for Badges:
After passing through the bag/prop check area, it’s time to scan your QR code, and prepare to have your e-tickets exchanged for physical badges.

If you don’t have a digital version, you can bring a printed version of the QR code.

Approach one of the Reno Pop Culture Con representatives with a handheld scanner and show them the QR code displayed on your phone. If you have any trouble finding your e-tickets or QR code, the Reno Pop Culture Con representatives will help.

The Reno Pop Culture Con representative will then scan the QR code, verify your purchase, and then instruct one of the other Reno Pop Culture Con representatives to hand you your badges.

7) Proceed to Your Desired First Point of Entry:
After getting your badge(s), you have some options. You can select to head to the show floor or any one of the many programming rooms running exciting content.

If you want to enter any area OTHER than the show floor first, such as Celebrity Events or Panels, then follow signs (and ask volunteers to guide you) to the appropriate location.

If the show floor is already open, you will be able to simply walk in directly to the show floor.

If the show floor has NOT opened yet, you will be instructed by Reno Pop Culture Con representatives to wait in a particular designated area.

When the show floor opens, ADA guests will be admitted first, then Speed Pass badge holders.

Then, attendees in each of the other waiting areas will be let in.


Need more details? The FAQ below will answer many of the questions we’re receiving the most.

But, if there is still something you need answered, please don’t hesitate to send email to We’re here to help!


  1. Michael

    Will there be an option to pick up badges early, like on Thursday night, or will we only be able to get them once the convention actually starts?

    • Tone Ellis

      Early badge pick-ups are not offered for Reno this year. You will be able to pick-up you badges starting Friday morning.

  2. Peggy A Wheeler

    I am slated to participate in a roundtable discussion on Friday, (tomorrow), but I’ve not received instructions on where to meet or when we should be there (I assume before the allotted time???). What do I need to bring? Who should I look for to connect with while I’m there. And….do I need a special ticket of some sort, or do I just buy for my husband and I online? Will I get a wristband? I didn’t even know for certain if I was included in the panel/roundtable until night before last when I saw my name on the roster.


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