How Tickets to RPCC Work

Oct 23, 2019

Have you gotten your tickets to RPCC 2019 yet? If not, here’s why you should get right on that, and soon.

Tickets are sold online only!

You must buy your tickets in advance, even if you do that from the parking lot at the convention center. All purchases must be made online, from our website. Ticket prices go up day of show by $10 per ticket, so don’t wait! Save some cash, time, and headache, and buy them in advance.

QR codes and how to use your online tickets

Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with your tickets in it, with QR codes. You MUST bring this code with you for entry to the event. You can either print them out or have them on your digital device, like a phone. Once your codes are scanned, they become invalid and cannot be scanned again.


Once you’ve scanned your QR code for entry, you’ll be provided an RPCC badge that allows you to move about the con and take advantage of our events, programming, and show floor. All activities are included in your badge, including evening events. Autographs and photo ops all carry additional fees, however. Please treat your badge like cash – as it cannot be replaced if lost. It does allow you to leave and re-enter the convention center. Every time you re-enter, you will have to go through security again.

We hope this answers your questions, but please ask us if it doesn’t! We can’t wait to see you all at RPCC 2019!




  1. John

    Is there a way to upgrade to a vip ticket


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