Know Before You Go, Part 1

Oct 22, 2019

Are you new to the comic con experience or are you leveled up to “Expert”? Either way, this guide should help you enjoy the first Reno Pop Culture Con to its fullest. We’ll outline the major areas of the con and how to navigate them.

What is the “Show Floor”?
The con is divided into two major parts: the Show Floor and Programming rooms. The Show Floor is the exhibit space in the big halls of the convention center. Here you can find all of our wonderful exhibitors, selling everything from collectible toys and comics to clothing, cosplay supplies, pins, posters, Funko pops, and anything else a geeky shopper might hope to find. Also on the Show Floor are the areas of Celebrity Summit, Reel Heroes Filmmaker Series, Artist Valley, and Author Alley. It’s also home to our Pop Culture Classroom Kids’ Lab, which you can find more details about HERE.

I want to meet a celebrity – how do I do that?
Our celebrity guests appear on the Show Floor in Celebrity Summit, and each guest has his/her own space for autograph lines. All celebrities charge for autographs which vary by guest, and most guests require an autograph purchase to meet. Some allow you to get in line to “say hi,” but this also varies by guest – you can ask the volunteer at the head of the line if the person allows this. You can find autograph pricing ahead of time on the person’s page on our website, or posted at the head of their lines. All autographs are cash only, and if you have any questions about how it all works, make sure to ask a volunteer at the head of the line – they are there to help!

What are “photo ops” and how do I get one?
For celebrity guests, we provide professional photo services by Epic Photo Ops, which will be located in or near Celebrity Summit. This process allows for attendees to get professional photos with their favorite celebrities – they can be standard pose or something fun, and you can have up to four people per photo for the same cost. These can be purchased online ahead of the con, or in person at the show. Schedules will be made public once they are finalized.

What is Reel Heroes Filmmaker Series? How do I meet people there?
Reel Heroes is an exciting area of the con, where more celebrity guests and filmmakers, writers, and animators meet! In this area, guests may charge for autographs or selfies, but these prices are typically lower than Celebrity Summit. The best part about this area of the show is that you can walk up and meet people here without any purchase at all. So, say hello!

What is Author Alley?
These are two more areas of the floor that feature exciting guests you can meet, free of charge. Author Alley is where you can find your favorite book authors, and you can bring your own book to be signed free! If you’ve got books missing from your collection, you can purchase them onsite from Sundance Books and still get them signed free. So start making your plans for this – it’s a fun opportunity you don’t want to miss.

What is Artist Valley?
Artist Valley is all about art and comics – meet famous comics creators and local talent, major players and indie faves, established artists and exciting up-and-comers. Either way, it’s fun place to peruse, choose, and purchase your own original art, and get your favorite comics signed. Meeting people in Artist Alley is easy and free, and attendees are encouraged to stroll these aisles and find your artwork.

The other part of the show is Programming rooms – what happens there?
Programming is the umbrella term for all things that happen at the con. This can include panel sessions featuring any number of great guests and panelists, covering a variety of topics; it also includes demos and workshops in the Kids’ Lab, celebrity Q&A sessions, events like Opening Night, the Costume Celebration, and our LIVE recording on Sunday evening for the Pop Culture Kaboom radio show, which you are invited to be part of. ALL con programming is included in your ticket, so make sure not to see it all! You can find out more about Programming HERE.

That just about does it for the con overview, and we hope this helps you make your plans accordingly. If there’s something we didn’t answer for you and you have questions, email us at We can’t wait to see you at the show!

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