Know Before You Go, Part 2

Oct 28, 2019

In our last post, we covered all the things there are to see and do at the con, and how to do them. Now that you’ve decided you’re in, let’s spend some time with logistics. We’ll outline here some major areas of knowledge that will help save you time and money, and make sure your experience at Reno Pop Culture Con is the best it can be.

I need to get tickets – how do I do that?
Buying tickets to the event is easy. Simply visit our website and choose your ticket type. You do need to purchase all tickets ONLINE, as we don’t have onsite sales available, and tickets are more expensive Day of Show. Once you purchase, you’ll get an email with a QR code (if you don’t see it right away, look in spam/junk folders), and this is all you need to bring with you – either printed out or on your handheld device, like a phone or tablet.

QR codes can only be scanned once and once scanned become void. After you are scanned, you’ll be provided a con badge, which is your entry into all parts of the con, either for that day if you have 1-day tickets, or for all three days if you have a full event pass type. Kids’ tickets are always free, for all three days.

Should I bring my kids?
The short answer is YES! We have families in mind when we design and create the con, and there’s plenty of fun stuff for kids and families to do, and plenty to do if you don’t have kids, too. There’s something for everyone here.

What kind of security can I expect when I arrive?
Safety of our attendees, guests, staff and volunteers is our highest priority at Reno Pop Culture Con. As such, we have security measures in place that you will encounter upon your arrival. Every person entering the building must go through security, and you should expect this to take a few minutes at least, and be similar to attending a concert or sporting event. Once through security, you are free to move about the areas of the show for the duration of your stay with us. You will need to go through security every day you attend, and each time you leave the building and come back in. Security wait times will be highest just before and during opening time each day, and will get lighter as the day goes on.

What about leaving and coming back into the con? Can I do that?
Yes, once you have your badges, you can leave the convention center and return, but you will need to go through security again each time you exit the building.

What are Reno Pop Culture Con’s policies on cosplay props and prop weapons?
We have policies in place about what you can and cannot bring into the event in terms of props and prop weapons. The short version is: if it could potentially hurt someone either accidentally or on purpose, or be mistaken for a real firearm in an emergency situation, you may not bring it in. You can find a full listing of our props policies HERE.

Are there other things I shouldn’t bring or that are not allowed?
Yes. Our general message is: when in doubt, leave it at home. We do not permit weapons of any kind, including concealed carry. You can find our show policies HERE.

Lines and tips for a great day
Yes, there are likely to be lines! One way to avoid frustration about lines is to be prepared for the day that includes lines. If you don’t encounter them, you can be pleasantly surprised. Wear comfortable shoes, stay hydrated, take breaks as needed, and plan how you’ll spend your time throughout the day.

That just about does it for the con overview, and we hope this helps you make your plans accordingly. If there’s something we didn’t answer for you and you have questions, email us at We can’t wait to see you at the show!


  1. Kelly Whitson

    My wife is handicapped, is there assistance for long lines (standing)

  2. Tina

    Can we bring water/soda and snacks in with us?

    • Tone Ellis

      According to convention center policy, outside food and drink are not permitted.


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