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Reno Pop Culture Con - Joel Gomez

Joel Gomez


Sat Joel Gomez
I got my start in comics as a pencil assistant at Top Cow Productions doing background work on books such as Tomb Raider and Witchblade. A couple of years later I joined Aspen Comics doing backgrounds on Soulfire and Iron Saint. While assisting on Iron Saint, I was offered the opportunity to work as a staff artist at Wildstorm Productions. I was the interior artist on Wetworks, Authority:The Lost Year, Gears of War, Brightest Day, Lost Boys & Flashpoint: Reverse Flash. I was also the artist on 'The World According to The Joker' and 'The World According to Batman' for Insight Editions/DC Entertainment Licensing department.

I've worked with Upper Deck Entertainment, Marvel Comics, Legendary Entertainment & 20th Century Fox as a freelance illustrator.
In 2014 Brian Pulido offered me the chance to work with himself & Mike Maclean on a thrilling crime noir concept called La Muerta. Two hundred plus pages and three and half years later, I'm still pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming that I get to work on such a kick-ass concept with some of the
nicest people in comics.