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Reno Pop Culture Con - Paris Cullins

Paris Cullins


Fans of DC Comics will be excited to hear that veteran comics artist, Paris Cullins is coming to RPCC '19 – to meet fans, do sketches, and share his and our passion for using comics in education! Paris started at DC Comics in 1980, working early in the horror genre before going on to contribute to a number of iconic series (Blue Devil, New Gods, Blue Beetle). Though primarily known for his work with DC, Cullins also branched out into other publishers, such as Marvel (Spider-Man, Cage), Crusade Comics (Shi: The Way of the Warrior), and Epic (Clive Barker's Hellraiser). Recently, Cullins has been contributing to the smack-down art of WWE Superstars with Super Genius Comics.
Twitter: @pariscullins
Facebook: paris.cullins