About Reno Pop Culture Con

Reno Pop Culture Con is produced by the non-profit Pop Culture Classroom and differentiated by its ongoing, unwavering commitment to promoting pop culture-based education for all.

Reno Pop Culture Con, produced by the same team behind the hugely successful Denver Pop Culture Con, set to debut at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in November 2019

Reno Pop Culture Con (RPCC) is a three-day, family-friendly, fan-focused extravaganza, featuring the best in pop culture entertainment. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet comics artists and writers, book authors, and celebrity guests, shop for collectibles, attend panels and programming, or visit the Pop Culture Classroom’s Kids’ Lab.

RPCC is a program of the Colorado-based nonprofit Pop Culture Classroom, whose mission is to inspire a love of learning, to increase literacy, celebrate diversity, and build community through pop culture education. The proceeds of this event benefit Pop Culture Classroom’s overall educational endeavors.


Attendees can meet top comics artists, writers and publishers plus comics and artist-related exhibitors offering a huge range of products for purchase.

Meet some of the biggest names in genre, sci-fi and YA literature, plus book publishers and booksellers. There is no additional cost to meet authors, chat with them, get their autographs, or even a selfie.

Attendees can meet the biggest stars of film, TV and pop culture media, get autographs and participate in photo shoots. Obtaining autographs and/or taking part in photo shoots with celebrity guests requires additional fees. 

The word “cosplay” is a combination of the word “costume” and “play.” It typically refers to practice of fans dressing up in the costumer of their favorite pop culture characters. Although it is never required or expected – attendees love to dress in costume.  You can too, if you want (and follow the safety and coverage rules) no one here will judge your fandom or your costuming skills!

Browse hundreds of booths with thousands of pop culture themed items for sale. Wander around, “window shop”, and maybe even find that special, hard-to-find gift for a friend (or yourself). There’s something for everyone!

Hundreds of hours of educational and fan-friendly panels featuring guests from throughout Reno Pop Culture Con providing how-tos and in-depth information on the things attendees love.

An area on the main show floor dedicated to children and teens, where they can learn through creating, listen to their favorite comic creator speak, and feel welcomed into the geek community. The Kids’ Lab is included in general admission!


Pop Culture Classroom is a Denver-based education nonprofit whose mission is to inspire a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity and build community through the tools of popular culture and the power of self-expression.

Pop Culture Classroom fulfills its mission through two major programs: The Classroom and Denver Pop Culture Con.

The Classroom gives educators fresh, innovative materials and training that use the power of pop culture to bring their classroom to life. It also provides exciting and diverse educational workshops, camps and field trips which harness existing interests in pop culture topics to create one-of-a-kind learning experiences for students.

Denver Pop Culture Con is one of the largest pop culture celebrations in North America and is differentiated by its ongoing, unwavering commitment to promoting pop culture-based education for all.

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